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The Advanced Combat Helmet, or ACH, has replaced the old Kevlar helmet. The ACH is 3.5 lbs lighter then the old model and is cushioned on the inside, …

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A: This MICH/ACH ballistic helmet offers IIIA+ (aka 3A+) protection. This means that it rises to, then goes above and beyond in performance compared to most other helmets on the market. Our helmets are capable of taking multiple strikes, stabbings, shrapnel, etc.

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Wilcox's One Hole Army Compatible Shroud mounts onto any standard MICH/ACH style helmet drilled with a single-hole pattern. The shroud features a front bracket to ensure a secure fit of the NVG mount and goggles and is made of aerospace grade aluminum and a molded polymer.

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As part of your ACH setup, your helmet will need a few essential elements: Pads: Most issued ballistic helmets will have a five- or seven-pad system. It often takes a little maneuvering to get a suitable setup. If you're looking for an even more comfortable fit, check out our guide outlining the best tactical helmet pads.

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vzemke is correct, my original helmet had Oregon Aero pads in them as well right out of the bag and that was in 2006. Since then, I have noticed that all the new "foilage green" helmets have gone back to the nasty, non OA pads. I wear a 7 3/8 hat and wear a large ACH. I tried a X-L helmet on and felt like Dark Helmet on Spaceballs.

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Shellback Tactical Level IIIA Ballistic High Cut SF ACH Helmet. This Shellback Tactical High Cut ACH is the ultimate elite ballistic helmet designed for special ops missions. With its low-profile high-cut design, you can be geared up with communication equipment and still feel light on your feet. Features: Meets NIJ 0106.01 Standard


BK-ACH is a modern ballistic helmet for army and it can be identified with USA models ACH. It's made from high quality aramid fiber or UHMWPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) and design to ensure maximum flexibility, comfort and very small trauma.

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It is possible to retrofit a PASGT with ACH pads but just more cost to polish a turd. >"More than 90% of ACH users were satisfied with their helmet's comfort, and >80% were satisfied with its fit, weight, and overall impression. Sixty-eight percent of ACH users were satisfied with their helmet's maintainability.

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The ACH also has a pad system inside the helmet, replacing the nylon cord suspension system used in the PASGT helmet. This provides a better fit to the wearer and can give a higher protection against blunt trauma in case of ballistic impact (e.g.,, ).Recently, a survey on soldiers' satisfaction with ballistic helmets was conducted by Ivins et al. .

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Contents. 1 Buying 10 Best Ach Helmet Pads in 2021 With Our Experts. 1.1 Top 7 Best Ach Helmet Pads in 2021; 1.2 List the Best Ach Helmet Pads in 2021. 1.2.1 Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff, Green. Features; 1.2.2 Peltor Sport Tactical 100 Electronic Hearing Protector, Ear Protection, …

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Military helmets are designed specifically to protect soldiers' heads during combat. Poor helmet fit has been reported to decrease the helmet's comfort and the ability to provide safety ...


The helmet should remain stable. • Ask a buddy to look at how your helmet fits. Here's what he should look for: • Viewed from the front, both sides of the ACH should be level. • Viewed from the side, the front and back should be level. • The bottom of the ACH should come to the top of the ear canal opening.

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for Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) • Graphic Training Aid GTA 07-08-001, ACH and PASGT Proper Wear and Adjustment See PS 626, page 53 for pad NSNs Standard pad configuration 642.54-55.indd 1-2 3/31/06 3:48:44 PM

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The CAM FIT™H-Back Chinstrap is compatible with ACH, MICH, TC2000 series ballistic helmet styles and many other ballistic helmets with 4-point retention mounting holes. Size M/L fits a face circumference range of 26-29" (this size fits most ACH M, L, and some XL wearers). Size XL fits a face circumference range of 27.5-32.5".

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Shop US Military Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) Even the most hard-headed among us can use a helmet from time to time. The Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) is the US Army's combat helmet. This helmet is the real deal but it's being sold strictly as an awesome collectible or a prop to be used in a play, a military tribute, or as part of a costume.