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Red Armor - absorbs 80% of an attack. :Quake 2: Same thing, pretty much as Q1. The armor types on Q2 are pretty much equivalent to Q1 except for their varying degrees of protection against energy attacks. Jacket Armor - absorbs 30% of an attack. It offers no protection against energy type weapons. Combat Armor - absorbs 60% of an attack.

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Quake 2 GPL Source Release. Contribute to id-Software/Quake-2 development by creating an account on GitHub.

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This is a recreation of the manual that is included with the installation of Quake 2. It includes information on the background of the story as well as vital information on the various weapons, environments, enemies, and power up's you will discover on your journey. All content herein can be located in your Quake 2 installation folder; (Steam ...

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q u a k e 2. Here you can find tutorials explaining every single entity and aspect of quake2 editing. This page is seperated into 2 different sections: the Misc. Tutorials and the entity tutorials. The Misc. Tutorials are the tutorials that have been submitted to us from all you guys. Thanks and happy mapping.

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Bright .TGA Armor Skins .Pak DOWNLOAD: Description: This .Pak file consists of models and skins for the stock Quake 2 armor models that brightens them up and makes them supremely identifiable from a distance, even on dark maps or where you can only see a portion of the model, without the loss of detail involved in most bright skin paks.

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Body Armor. In Quake 2, Body Armor is the strongest armor available. It absorbs 80% damage and gives you 100 armor points, with a maximum of 200. It also provides a hefty 60% absorb rate against energy weapons like BFG10k, Hyperblaster and Blaster. It is Quake 2's equivalent of Red Armor, right down to its appearance.

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I briefly touched on this in my Quake 2 Manual, but I wanted to go a little more in depth about it. There is a lot that can be done in rearguards to custom launching games of Quake 2 both single and ... jacket armor - 1 unit of Jacket Armor. armor shard - Armor Shard. god. Type: Operation Description: Toggle god mode for the player. kill. Type ...

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In the Quake 2, Armor is a Powerup that absorbs a certain amount of any damage. When an Armor is picked up, the player gains a certain amount of Armor points depending on how much of an Armor is used. The absorption rate depends on the type of Armor. Armor Shards can be used to "repair" damaged Armor or stack enough shards to "make" new Armor. Jacket …

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Quake II Cheats. Codes. Cheat Codes. Effect Code; 1 body armor: give body armor: 1 combat armor: give combat armor: 1 jacket armor: give jacket armor: 200 body armor: give armor: All Items in Single Player: give all (at Console screen) Allows you to set the gravity, where 0 is no gravity and 850 is normal: sv_gravity XXX: Changes which hand ...

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Contribute to id-Software/Quake-2 development by creating an account on GitHub. Quake 2 GPL Source Release. Contribute to id-Software/Quake-2 development by creating an account on GitHub. ... # define ARMOR_JACKET 1 # define ARMOR_COMBAT 2 # define ARMOR_BODY 3 # define ARMOR_SHARD 4 // power armor types # define POWER_ARMOR_NONE 0 # …

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god: God Mode: notarget: No Target Mode: noclip: No Clipping: give all: All items, weapons, 999 ammo: give jacketarmor: Jacket Armor: give blaster: Blaster: give shotgun

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1. Cheat Codes. 1 body armor = give body armor. 1 combat armor = give combat armor. 1 jacket armor = give jacket armor. 200 body armor = give armor. All Items in Single Player = give all (at Console screen) Allows you to set the gravity, where 0 is no gravity and 850 is normal = sv_gravity XXX.

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Quake II Type in all cheats in the Quake II console (use ~ key to bring it up). Code Description-----g_unlimited_ammo 999 Unlimited ammo. give all All weapons, items and full ammo. give adrenaline Adrenaline. give airstrike marker AirStrike marker. give ammo Full ammo. give ammo pack Ammo pack. give ancient head Ancient head. give armor 200 ...

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In Quake 2, Jacket Armor (also can be called the Flak Jacket) absorbs 30% of an attack and gives you 25 armor points, with a max of 50 points.It offers no protection or absorbtion against energy type weapons like BFG, Hyperblaster and Blaster.Jacket Armor is the weakest type of armor in the game, but should be picked up because it gives you protection against …

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In Quake I and Quake II, green/Jacket armor provides 30% protection. Yellow/combat armor is 60%, and red/body armor is 80%. Armor shards from Quake II will increase your armor points, and the armor will be of whatever color you currently have; if you don't have ANY armor when you collect a shard, the points behave as if you had green armor.