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Products that pertain to IFR flying include the Canada Flight Supplement (CFS), Canada Water Aerodrome Supplement, Canada Air Pilot (CAP) High and Low Altitude Enroute (HI and LO) charts, Terminal Area Charts (TAC) and ICAO Type A Charts. Online Store Open a new window

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The CAP GEN volume is an integral part of the CAP series. Users must be familiar with the general procedural and terminology material in this publication to safely use the seven core volumes. To use these instrument procedures in-flight they …

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Product Description. Please Note: As of the November 6th 2020 Cycle, NavCanada has Discontinued Printed Editions of the Canada Approach Plates. The Canada Air pilot contains aeronautical information that is specifically pertinent to the conduct of the arrival or departure portion of flight instrument approach procedures, standard instrument departure procedures …


MultiMedia Products and Services Transport Canada (AARA-MPS) 2655 Lancaster Rd. ... CANADA AIR PILOT (CAP) CAP GEN DEFINITIONS : 1 Chart Legend – approach, aerodrome, lighting and symbols . 2 Altitude corrections . 3 Operating minima . 4 Aircraft categories .

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Click here to download the e-CAP Changes. Shop Subscription. Shop Single Sale. SUBSCRIPTION Electronic Canada Air Pilot (eCAP1) Yukon, NWT and Nunavut. Price: $36.00. Publication Effective Date - 56 Day. 2-Dec-2021 27-Jan-2022 7-Oct-2021. SINGLE COPY Electronic Canada Air Pilot (eCAP1) Yukon, NWT and Nunavut.

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Air Traffic Air Traffic Overview ... View the publication schedule for the IFR 56-day cycle products, the AIP Canada (ICAO) Supplements and Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC) available on a 28-day cycle, and the Canada Water Aerodrome Supplement (CWAS) published once a year. ... 2020 the Canada Air Pilot (CAP and CAP GEN) is available in ...

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NAV CANADA has identified an issue with the printing and binding of the Canada Air Pilot (CAP) volumes for the effective date of 11 February 2010. Certain information located on the edges of the pages is no longer readable due to perforation required for binding. Volumes 1—7 of the CAP have been posted on the NAV CANADA website under ...

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Before commencing take-off, the pilot-in-command shall be satisfied that the aerodrome is suitable for the intended operation, as outlined in the Canada Air Pilot, General Pages (CAP GEN), Operating Minima (Page 1) Aerodrome Operating Restrictions – Visibility.

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The Canada Air Pilot (CAP) GENERAL (GEN) section provides guidance to pilots on how to operate in reduced/low visibilities. The CAP may provide additional information regarding specific restrictions and procedures required by air operators and pilots. NAV CANADA's specification requirement governs publication of their aeronautical products. 10.

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Canada Air Pilot General Pages. Contains general pages for all volumes except CAP 6. CAP Gen is amended and reissued as required. This extra guide is included free with purchase of any Canada Air Pilot guide. Related Items: Canada Flight Supplement Hand Book Water Aerodrome Supplement Our Price: $24.95 . Our Price: $45.00 .

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Canada air pilot (CAP) (IFR approach plates): contain aeronautical information related to IFR approach, arrival, departure and noise abatement procedures at Canadian airports; have 7 volumes that provide coverage across Canada; CAP …

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There are no products in your cart. Perhaps the item you chose is sold out. Toggle main navigation. Menu. 0. Log in; Register; ... Canada Air Pilot (CAP) Approach Plates September 10th 2020. C$14.99 Not in stock. Canada Air Pilot ... CAP GEN: Contains general pages for all volumes except CAP 6*. ...

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cap gen caution: the information in this publication may be superseded by notam or aip supplement aip canada (icao) part 3 - aerodromes (ad) canada air pilot instrument procedures effective 0901z 12 august 2021 to 0901z 7 october 2021