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What Medieval Shields are allowed in Buhurt? IMCF shield rules. All wooden, wicker or leather shields or metal shields should be made only on the basis of reliable historical analogues and correspond to the form of the analogue in all three planes. ... A shield can only be used with a set of armor of the same epoch and region. 1.3.2 The edges ...


1.6 To obtain admission to HMB, a fighter must: 1.6.1 Be of age according to the law of his country, as well as the country hosting the event. 1.6.2 Sign a statement of voluntary participation in full contact combat (in the statement a fighter confirms his acceptance of any risks associated with participation in the battles, declines any declares that he fully understands the rules and …

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Upon multiple requests, I have put together a video showing off the armor I use for Armored Combat / Buhurt. I am working on a second kit which will be legal...

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Buhurt Prime is the true competition of the strongest. Spartan Armor Systems is a ballistic body armor manufacturer and tactical gear supplier that works with a wide variety of clientele in the United States. Real weapons, real armor, real violence : nextfuckinglevel. Providing an extensive range of historical archery, quilted armour and arming ...

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2.6.4. The body, legs and arms are to be covered with at least plate armor. The chainmail can be only used as an extra protection. 2.6.5. The body is to be protected with underarmor padding, which covers the whole torso. 2.6.12. The groin has be protected with armor elements or hidden protection (an athletic supporter for contact sports).

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Welcome to the first of many Basics of Buhurt videos. In this video, we're going to lay out the very basics of Buhurt so anyone at home can tune in and follo...

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rules and agrees to abide by them in full). 1.6.3. Have a medicalhealth certificate issued by an official institution (state or private), confirming that he has no restrictions to limit his participation in the competitions. 1.6.4. Be accredited by the organizers of the event. 1.6.5. Have an admission for arms and provided by the Authenticity ...

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Buhurt is life and we are here to make your life easier. MedievalExtreme brand – the group of armorers, fighters, crafters and designers from Ukraine. Here you can buy armor, weapons, shields and supplies for armored combat battles and special leagues - HMB, IMCF, ACS.

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Buhurt Tech is a brand, made by fighters for fighters. We design high quality medieval armor and sport weapons for full contact medieval battle and armored combat. We connect history and technologies to provide best possible experience. We love what we do and deliver what we love.

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Armored Combat Heroes. By Evan Ringo Evan Ringo, or just "Ringo" as he is known around the Hall, has been training at The Knights Hall, New Hampshire, since 2013. In terms of skills and abilities, armored combat is one of the most diverse sports in the world. Physically, it requires every type of […]


HMB buhurt categories vary. In particular, the number of fighters can be different: each category has approved combat regulations. The conditions of victory can also vary depending on the battle regulations category. The main criterion of victory in buhurt HMB categories is a "removal"

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Buhurt Medieval combat. Authentic armour, steel weapons, full-contact . What is buhurt? In Finland the sport is called buhurt or Medieval Combat Sport (MCS). It's about full contact fighting in medieval armour with medieval weapons. The safety of the sport is ensured by marshals and very strict, although simple, rules.

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armour and weapon surface. fibers, textile and leather use. mass battles. regulations for buhurt categories. rules for buhurt categories. 150 vs 150 buhurt category. profights. outrance combat (profights) duels. regulations for duel categories.

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Helmets in buhurt are a welcome addition to the armour. To make the helmet fit and protect your skull from the blows there is a. In a hot summer period, you may find yourself very warm in your armour. In this article, we will see how the body produces heat. In buhurt, hits on the body are a fact and inevitable.

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Full sets. Quick View. Full Set "Avenger". Quick View. Full Set "Predator". Quick View. Full Set "Vlaanderen". Quick View. Full Set "Avenger".

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Buhurt is colloquially thought of as; the art of using weapons to smash other people in armor… In a group setting. At the time this article is being written, there actually isn't a legitimate definition for the modern form of it. Historically there is a lot to say though. But, those who do it and participate in it know exactly what Buhurt is.